The Verge with a headline “Fortnite keeps stealing dances – and no ones knows if it’s illegal.” If no one knows, is that stealing? Seems like the sentence is missing a modifier. Or perhaps it should say that the publisher believes this is stealing. Or… isn’t this sort of like saying light travels at 299,792,458 m/s – but no one knows what light is. That sentence provides no information. Thanks, Verge.

Life Advice

Ran across this Twitter thread from Patrick McKenzie and thought it was great. Here are some lines for emphasis:

Companies find it incredibly hard to reliably staff positions with hard-working generalists who operate autonomously and have high risk tolerances. This is not the modal employee, including at places which are justifiably proud of the skill/diligence/etc of their employees.


Technologists tend to severely underestimate the difficulty and expense of creating software, especially at companies which do not have fully staffed industry leading engineering teams (“because software is so easy there, amirite guys?”)


There is no hidden reserve of smart people who know what they’re doing, anywhere. Not in government, not in science, not in tech, not at AppAmaGooBookSoft, nowhere. The world exists in the same glorious imperfection that it presents with.