Pilot confusion over computer control in Airbus planes

An Airbus A321 jet unexpectedly rolled hard left on takeoff in an April 2019 incident.

The NTSB concluded the incident was pilot error: too much rudder while taking off in a crosswind.

But the pilots were very confused:

A transcript of conversations between the captain and his first officer shows how the two were confused and didn’t realize how badly damaged the plane was as they continued to climb out of New York.

“Are we continuing?” the first officer asked, according to a transcript released by the NTSB. “ … I thought we were gone.”

“Well she feels normal now,” the captain said a few minutes later.

NTSB: Pilot described ‘near death’ experience after wing hit the ground

And at least one pilot blamed the confusing nature of the Airbus flight computers:

Cockpit Transcript at 18.

Thankfully the pilots safely returned to JFK airport.