More US federal cybersecurity laws

New cybersecurity laws are slowly being passed, mostly around reporting and coordination:

  1. The Better Cybercrime Metrics Act directs the Justice Department to improve data on cybercrimes, including establishing a new reporting category in the National Incident-Based Reporting System specifically for federal, state and local cybercrime reports.
  2. The Federal Rotational Cyber Workforce Program Act allows cybersecurity professionals to rotate through federal agencies to enhance their expertise.
  3. The State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act directs the federal government to coordinate more with state and local governments on cybersecurity.

“For hackers, state and local governments are an attractive target — we must increase support to these entities so that they can strengthen their systems and better defend themselves from harmful cyber-attack,” Rep. Joe Neguse (D-Colo.), who introduced the bill, said in a statement after the House’s passage.

Biden signs cyber bills into law