First Kinetic Retaliation to Cyber Attack

This was inevitable, but it is worth noting the first time a country has responded to an alleged cyber attack with a kinetic attack:

The Israel Defense Force says that it stopped an attempted cyber attack launched by Hamas over the weekend, and retaliated with an airstrike against the building where it says the attack originated from in Gaza. It’s believed to be the first time that a military has retaliated with physical violence in real time against a cyberattack.

Israel launched an airstrike in response to a Hamas cyberattack

It’s also worth noting, as The Verge comments, that the physical response did not appear strictly necessary: “Given that the IDF admitted that it had halted the attack prior to the airstrike, the question is now whether or not the response was appropriate.”

It’s easy to write about this particular event. It is surely another thing to experience it: