Five People Shot in Florida

Another day, another senseless shooting.

Even the Onion has seemed to stop posting its satirical commentary unless the shooting is truly shocking. Are more than 10 people required now? Do kids have to be involved?

Worth amplifying this:

But it’s interesting what you said about the shootings here in the US. It’s something that, of course, as an outsider and as someone who it’s his first visit to the country, it would be not proper to give a very deep reflection on that.

Going back to the hitchhiking issue, there is some sort of relation I can establish. When you hitchhike, you’re trying to establish social links with random people.

I feel that in a very developed society like the US, where the value of independence has been stressed over interdependence too much, and much more than in Latin America, for example, or even Europe.

I feel that when you are absolutely independent and you don’t need help from your neighbors, then also, no one is needing your help.

Then how do you feel that you are needful for your community? I think that we are losing…probably something happening here that some people — just some people — don’t have the chance to demonstrate their value to the community. This leads to social anomie.

Juan Pablo Villarino on Travel and Trust